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Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

The goal of ALASS Infotech Solution since 2015 is to reduce unemployment, to provide financial assistance to individuals and families affected by the economics crisis. ALASS Infotech Solution is a collaborative management service lide Job Placement,Digital Marketing,Placement & Training and Data Processing.
Our destination is not toward the end of this beginning,but rather toward an endless begining. We also seek to protect build a better tomorrow for our customers,employees,partners,investors and the communities in which we operate.

"Nothing is impossible"-ALASS Infotech Solution

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To reduce unemployment among youngsters and to develop their empowerment.

Our Mission

Our commitment is not just towards reaching an endpoint, but rather fostering an unending cycle of new beginnings. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future for our customers, employees, partners, investors, and the communities in which we operate. Our mission is to protect, nurture, and build a better tomorrow for all,
as we work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives we touch.